Friday, June 24, 2016


Hello guys.

Damn, it's been a while hasn't it?

Last year at some point was my last blog entry, and a LOT has gone on.

Currently, I am in the Public Test Realm for World of Warcraft.  I have been testing out the pre-Legion launch content and it's shaping up to be pretty damned good.  I still have a few minor concerns about Legion.  Personally, it's personal preference stuff having to deal with the Artifact weapon. Blizzard has made it abundantly clear that we are ONLY getting the artifact weapon as our go-to item.  That's mainly the issue I have been having with it.  Since I am currently not in the Beta, I cannot test the Artifact weapon out and discuss with you guys fairly my views on it.  Currently has a lot of potential.  I'm trying to give Blizz the benefit of the doubt as a long-time WoWer.  I'm currently playing through level 100 content on the PTR and attempting to get a good feel for most of the classes and spec changes that are coming in Legion.  I'm looking forward to a few very specific classes and specs.  So far what's won me over mainly are the changes to the Warlock class.   I'm still learning Affliction but I'm happy to report that Seed of Corruption will be a thing again.  The main spec that has impressed me TONS as a Lock player...Demonology spec.  The spec has had a major overhaul and improvement.  Currently in live, Demo Locks are one of the completely weakest specs in-game.  It -NEEDS- a tremendous overhaul.

I believe Blizzard did a great job with most of the spec changes.

In my last blog post I did a comparison of SWTOR content and WoW content as it stands currently.

In my opinion, SWTOR has the better core story and questing pack.

Blizzard needs to greatly improve the basic quest pack and I am hoping for Legion they will do -just- that.  I've been gathering my thoughts as I've done PTR and I think that many of the system changes that are coming are very interesting.  For example, combat flows more smoothly, enemies are much more challenging, and there have been a number of quality of life improvements.  The main big one for me was the boss creature system overhaul.  Before, you would have to compete against other players (Poor choice of game design here) to get tags on boss mobs.  AND mobs in general.  Tagging mob creatures in itself is currently fine.  But, they instanced the boss and named creatures in the world of Azeroth which has been a MUCH needed change.  I'm currently hoping they implement the proposed zone-scaling "technology" to all zones in game and allow us the choice to explore zones in any order.  Many other games currently do this, including Gild Wars 2 and SWTOR.

I think that Legion has -tremendous- potential if everything proposed is executed correctly.

I have been playing World of Warcraft more or less since around the launch of Burning Crusade.  I missed "Vanilla/Legacy" WoW by a few weeks.  My main current concerns are like this.  If the Artifact Weapon is our ONLY weapon we get in the WHOLE entirety of the expac's life...what happens during the next expac? I mean whatever comes -after- Legion? Blizzard historically makes system wide changes to the game when an expac goes live and updates content across the board.  I personally have never been a fan of the whole ONE weapon thing.  I've always been a firm believer of choice...especially in the games I choose to spend time/real money playing.   I'm fine with the Legendary Item changes that are's going to be -interesting- to see a live version of those proposed changes in the live game.  My other concerns are minor ones including what's going to happen with Draenor? Not everybody has Legion yet, and I'm sincerely -hoping- that the Garrison (Your base on Draenor for those of us not in the know) system remains more or less intact.  I'm frankly VERY VERY bothered that Blizzard intends to remove the Treasure Hunter missions/Treasure Hunter trait from the game across the board.  I personally do not like that change for many reasons.  I'm a pretty consistent farmer and I like having options to maximize my gold count...and I was using the Treasure Hunter missions for a long time.  I'll be using them until they are removed from the game.  My main concern is I HOPE we get something good to replace the current system.

Now, focusing on the positive changes.

I think that the challenge level to the game (Overall) has been greatly increased.  I'm very VERY happy with this change.  I'm not sure how the change will affect zones like Tanaan Jungle.  But...I am hoping the changes will be a positive one.  I'm not someone who does many Dungeons, and I HATE Raids/LFR.  I think (Most/not all) Raiders, the "Hardcore" ones have seriously hurt the game since Blizzard historically caters to them.  Me personally, I enjoy playing the game on my own, or with good buddies.  Further, I tend to help people out I come across which makes WoW (And MMO's in general) a much richer experience for me.  Since I been doing PTR, I have tested Monk, Rogue, Warrior, Warlock, Paladin and Druid.  I like most of the content and I -currently- have a level 100 Pally and Druid.  I have to see the Paladin Tank in action to make up my own mind about the proposed changes.  But so looks promising.

Very soon I'm gonna be testing the Shaman and several other classes.

I'm basically trying to get a good feel for all of the new specs.

Aside from all this, I have been playing SWTOR and Guild Wars 2 TONS.  In SWTOR I maxed out several more characters, including an Imperial Agent.  (Damn, what a great story that is!) and I'm currently working towards my Legendary status in-game.  I recently reinstalled Guild Wars 2 and found out they fixed the game.  It now works on my computer (Which is an older custom tower) after they patched out whatever errors I was experiencing from before.  (The game literally started crashing every few minutes.)  So next week, I intend to buy the expac for Guild Wars 2.  I already have the SWTOR expac.

On other news, I recently saw XMen Apocalypse with my siblings and I really enjoyed the flick.

I feel they did a great job with the movie, and it was nice seeing some of the people back in action.  (Jubilee, Quicksilver and some others come to mind)

I have also been writing and drawing a lot, I will be posting information about that stuff on the follow up to this post.

But for now, this is so I can touch base with you guys.

Hope you guys still are checking my blog out and enjoy my content, I'm (In the near future) gonna start posting youtube content.   I'm not entirely sure WHAT I'm gonna do with that just yet.  But it's in the works, and I'll keep you guys posted on it.  Anywhens, that's it from me for now.  I'll be posting in this blog more often as I get my act together.  Anyway gang, thanks for checking out my little corner of the interwebs.  As always...stay cool.